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Did you know you still need to show proof of a negative COVID test (even if you're fully vaccinated) to visit Hawaii right now? Or what about asking the wedding band you hired to add your wedding venue as "additional insured"? Racking your brain to find the right moment to tell your mom you can't uphold the family tradition and wear her wedding dress because it's way too big? Don't even get us started on trying to figure out a custom cocktail for your wedding guests - what the heck are "bitters"?

Let's face it. It's easy to get lost in the million little details involved in every aspect of the wedding celebration. Luckily for you, LUIS asked some of his friends to help you out! As part of the "Speaker's Series" at With Love, LUIS, you'll be able to "Meet & Greet" top industry professionals that don't talk at you, but rather, engage in a dialogue with the audience.


Each Meet & Greet has limited seats available, so the group can stay small and intimate, giving speakers the ability to actually answer your every burning question.  You'll have the chance to learn #ProTips that will blow your mind and partake in conversations centered on topics that are both fun and informative.


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Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Custom Gowns by Rudy Lou

Sarah Jameson, Rudy Lou

Designer & Seamstress Extraordinaire, Entrepreneur

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Start Time: 2:00PM


If you've always wanted to wear your mother's wedding dress but could definitely do without the massive puff sleeves that reigned supreme in the 80's, or you've decided you're going the custom route, this Meet & Greet was made just for you!

Sarah's atelier specializes in custom wedding gowns and garment deconstruction and reconstruction.


She's a #PRO at 1) the art of taking something old and turning it into something new, be it a new age gown, veil, robe, handkerchief (or anything else you can think of!), and 2) making your dream dress a reality by custom designing it from scratch.


 Learn about her "dress refresh" process, check out her previous work, and chat all about new designs, in person!


Bring your Mom and some tissues - this will be exciting, but she may get emotional <3

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Couples Cocktail Curation Class

Sarah Murphy, Bar Magnolia
Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Strategist, Mobile Bar Business Educator, Overall Bad Ass Business Woman

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Start Time: 10:30AM


"Your guests will interact more with the bartender than any other vendor at your wedding. They'll have one entree, one dessert, but they'll have many drinks. Make sure they drink well."

- Sarah Murphy, Bar Magnolia

Bar service has always been a contributing factor in determining a memorable and successful event - especially for your wedding celebration! Beyond wine and beer, curated cocktails are taking a leading role as an experience all on their own.

Learn the basics on how to build a custom cocktail that will have your guests wanting more! Your personal story, garnishes, glass/stemware, and designer ice (yes, you read that correctly), are just a FEW of the things you'll need to consider.

She'll be the godsend that provides all the direction you need on where and how to start. Cheers!


Bring your other half! This is a great workshop you can both revisit when you're ready to try to concoct something together. 

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Eric Adler, by Joshua Grasso

First Class Travel Essentials

Linda Dancer, Honeymoon's Inc. 
Veteran Romance Travel Expert, Incurable Romantic
- & -
Eric Adler, Eric Adler Clothing
Bespoke Tailor & Custom Clothier, Proud Dog Dad

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Start Time: 4:00PM

Learn about the Romance Travel Industry, receive updates on traveling restrictions, gain insight on Do's and Don'ts depending on travel destination, and find out what accommodations and price points are available for the first vacation you'll take as "newlyweds"!

At the same time, get expert advice on what to pack for your desired destination based on climate, info regarding fabrics that will keep you comfortable, styling tips, resort and vacation wear options for consideration, and more.  

At the end of this Meet & Greet you'll be as knowledgeable as a professional jetsetter and ready to travel in style. 


Bring your other half for honeymoon and mini-moon inspo, but don't stop there! Bring friends you travel often with as well. Maybe the mini-moon has a few plus ones :)

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Lukas Scott, "Mrs. Me"

Front Row Experiences: Tunes to Remember

Rebecca Padgett
Northwest FL Weddings Mag
Editor, Staff Writer: Rowland Publishing, Bibliophile

Linda Harper
Bobby & The Aristocats
Entertainment Consultant, Event Management  Master

Lukas Scott
Recording Artist
Pop/Country Singer & Songwriter, Producer, Newlywed 

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Start Time: 12:30PM

We are in Music City, right? Of course, LUIS had to touch on an integral part of any celebration... MUSIC! 

Hosted by the editor of Northwest Florida Weddings Magazine, this Meet & Greet spotlights the importance of music at your wedding and how to navigate the best options for your celebration.


Are you on Team Live Band or Team DJ? How do you pick an out-of-the-box First Dance song? If you were to say "I Do" in Music City, what should you look for to get the most authentic Nashville music scene experience?

Get feedback from Linda Harper, a veteran Entertainment Consultant who manages events and books talent, PLUS from the talent themselves! Pop/Country artist, Lukas Scott, wrote a song to propose to his girlfriend (and it worked!). He has lots to say about the importance of music and the song that sealed the deal, "Mrs. Me".

Take notes on their top tips, best songs, approach for selecting a band/talent, and more! 


Come one, come all! Music is a major part of the fabric that makes up Nashville.

Learning about the music scene while you're in Music City is such a treat!

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