LUIS' Lūʻau

Since With Love, LUIS doesn't just focus on the Big Day, it would only be appropriate for one of the Immersive Experiences to focus on one of LUIS' all time favorite things... travel!

You can leave your passport at home, but don't forget to make a stop at LUIS' Lūʻau, a fun day party that will get you excited about your first vacay as newlyweds and inspire your honey/mini-moon destination options.

Preview a mock reception, meet travel and honeymoon planners from some of the world's most beautiful places, check out resort wear that's picture perfect for your escapade (and the new, SHARED luggage set that goes with it!), dance to the live tunes, and scope out a pair of sunnies for your next adventure.


LUIS made a little version of paradise in Nashville, and can't wait to share it with you!