Everything You Need To Know

With Love, LUIS is a Luxe, Unexpected, Innovative Show and Nashville's first-ever bridal stroll! What is a bridal stroll? How does it work? Don't worry! Grab your walking boots and get excited - LUIS has got you covered.

Expect the Unexpected

In the spirit of creating a completely different bridal show experience, rather than having all aspects of the show under one roof, a bridal stroll allows venues of all shapes, sizes and styles to be showcased - from large and glamorous, to micro-wedding bite-sized perfection, and a few that may surprise you along the way. LUIS also wants you to consider venues for the celebrations aside from the nuptials - Engagement Photos, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Bachelor/ette party, Welcome Party, Farewell Brunch… you name it! If you're already hittin' the pavement, you might as well see everything you can. Official Stroll Locations are available in four-hour waves.


You have complete autonomy to plan your day and visit the Official Stroll Locations on your own time. Think of Downtown Nashville as your own theme park! If there's a long line at one ride, you can visit another attraction and go back to the one you skipped at your leisure. Everyone will check-in at Registration, located at AllSaints (at the Dream Hotel).


There, you will opt-in to same-day text messaging and receive an All Access Pass, allowing you access to the Official Stroll Locations and various events taking place throughout the day. You'll receive your first text with a link to the Official Stroll Route & Map, and another with the full Stroll Itinerary, and you'll be on your way!


As you're walking from one destination to the other, take in the sights! You'll truly get a feel for Nashville as you explore the different neighborhoods within the stroll, and experience other points of interest over the weekend. 

Let The Good Times Roll

Every attendee of With Love, LUIS is a VIP, with equal access to branded pop-ups, Instagrammable vendor collaborations (a part of LUIS' Curated Collection), live entertainment, Curated Property Tours and so much more. If you're looking to get inspired, look no further. LUIS has thought of EV-ER-Y-THING and has something in store at every turn. 


Each location has Immersive Guest Experiences to entice your visit, meet incredible Exhibitors, and learn along the way. Attend only the fashion shows you are interested in as part of LUIS' Fashion Showcase, spend one-on-one time with industry professionals at LUIS' Speaker Series: Meet & Greet events, check out live wedding bands for hire at LUIS' Band Lineup, take something special home from LUIS' very own Marketplace, catch the travel bug at LUIS' Lūʻau, and SO. MUCH. MORE. 


Gone are the days of confusing ticket types, multiple lines at check-in, racing through a ballroom without ample time to interact with Exhibitors, and restricted or early access to ​the show. With Love, LUIS runs from morning to afternoon, keeping you engaged with plenty to do and a TON of LUIS' Friends to meet. 

Meet LUIS' Friends

LUIS' bridal stroll does not just focus on "The Big Day," but all of the celebrations surrounding that, and the milestones of newlywed life to come. With impeccable taste, a global network, and an affinity for quality, LUIS has gathered the crème de la crème of Exhibitors (AKA "LUIS' friends") to showcase the best the SE has to offer in the central city of Nashville.


Everyone needed to pull off a custom and individualized wedding will of course, be present; the folks you'll need for all of the other EPIC and memorable events throughout the wedding journey will totally be there too. You'll even meet "Bridal Adjacent" Exhibitors - those not specifically in the bridal industry but can help fulfill the needs outside of the wedding day. 


Consider this - Wouldn't you want to meet Exhibitors that can help with your mini/honeymoon, health and fitness goals, financial planning, purchasing and furnishing your new home, and everything in between? This is basically a recruitment fair for your celebration-planning dream team and beyond! 

With Love, LUIS is a discrimination free zone. LUIS welcomes every kind of couple from every background, and will make sure there is a balanced mix of Exhibitors for all needs that reflect the same spirited philosophy.

LUIS in Your Pocket

You will be asked for your phone number when you check-in at Registration, so LUIS can send you text messages the day-of the stroll. Phone numbers will be used strictly for logistical info - LUIS is not a fan of SPAM or selling info. You'll be tuned in and updated in real time.

If you have any questions, text LUIS! Communication is right in your pocket, so you'll never be alone. 

Going Green

With Love, LUIS is a fully digital experience: day-of stroll programming, virtual map and itinerary, text messages from LUIS, and strategic email campaigns - that's all!

Who wants to carry around a printed program (final destination: nearest trash can!) or download a limited-usage/one-day mobile app? Ew. 

Bonus: Kudos -You'll be a part of helping reduce LUIS' carbon footprint!


Whether you're driving in, flying, or live a few minutes away (and need a weekend escape!) take advantage of LUIS' Premium PerksDiscounted room rates, special packages, online exclusives and extra goodies are waiting for you! You're welcome.

Check out the Perks associated with Accommodations here, and keep an eye out for the full guide in your inbox after ticket purchase.

Safety & Peace of Mind

Off-Duty Officers in With Love, LUIS branded gear will be sprinkled along the route, functioning as a visual cue for guests to walk in the right direction, keep you safe, act as a Concierge Team to guide you through all moving aspects, and monitor foot traffic at their assigned stroll location. We will rely on them to help With Love, LUIS stay compliant with COVID restrictions and any mandates in effect in June 2021. 


Since With Love, LUIS is spread across multiple locations, concerns regarding space for social distancing are remedied. You will have the entire outdoor space of Downtown Nashville to get from one location to another. RSVP-required events like the Fashion Showcase and Speaker Series: Meet & Greet activations, along with Curated Property Tours (available at participating locations) not only help further divide the volume of ticket holders at one location at any given time, but also have audience maximums, limiting the number of guests in the vicinity. 

Your All Access Pass must be worn at all times, and masks may be required to be worn at certain stroll locations (check for signage). Temperature checks are required at Registration, and venues participating in the stroll must be compliant with city/state mandates. There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the stroll, and guests are encouraged to wash hands often and stay socially distant. 

Have any other questions?

Head over to our FAQs or Contact LUIS!