Who can come to the bridal stroll?

EV-ERY-ONE! Bring your friends, your parents, in laws, and especially your lifetime partner-to-be. Some guests are even planning their bachelor/ette party to coincide with the stroll to make a fun weekend out of it! Whatever the occasion, With Love, LUIS is a discrimination free zone. We welcome every kind of couple from every background, and are working to make sure there is a balanced mix of Exhibitors for all needs that reflects the same kind of philosophy. 


We also have partnered with the top hotels to offer competitive rates to make it easy and affordable for everyone in your party to attend and make your wedding planning process easier. Click here to learn more about Accommodations.


Can I bring the kiddos?

The short answer is yes, but keep in mind that there will be alcohol available at select stroll locations, effectively placing attendees under the age of 21 in that kind of environment. Make sure to keep your ID ready for those opportunities. 

Children over the age of 10 will need to have a ticket purchased for them in order to receive an All Access Pass to access the locations. Legal guardians will be responsible for the actions of their entire party (regardless of age) and those under 18 will need to stay with their guardians at all times. Off-Duty Officers assigned to each location, along with the full With Love, LUIS production team will be keeping a mindful eye to all attendees and their behavior. 


I have a furr baby. Can they come too?

Absolutely. We’ve partnered with a handful of pet-friendly hotels to ensure the entire family can experience Nashville and make a mini-vacation out of the weekend. 


However, pets will need to stay at the pet-friendly hotel of your choice or outside of every venue along the stroll, unless they are service animals with the proper paperwork. While hotels may be pet-friendly for hotel guests, the attendees coming in and out of stroll locations may not share the same feeling. Click here to learn more about Accommodations.


How do I purchase tickets?

Just click on this link! Your ticket purchase gives you access to everything - all stroll locations, access to the Speaker Series: Meet & Greet activations and Fashion Showcase (although you must RSVP separately for those), along with all the other immersive experiences you’ll find along the route.


How far is Nashville International Airport (BNA) from the stroll locations in Downtown Nashville? 

OMG, so close. On average, it’s a quick 12-15 minutes away, less than $20 on Uber or Lyft. Once you get to one of our partner hotels, you’ll already be at one of the locations along the stroll! No need to rent a car - Downtown Nashville is pedestrian-friendly and it’s super easy to get around on foot. 


Where do I park for this shindig?

If you are staying at a hotel (especially one along the stroll), leave the car there. There is no reason to drive from one stroll location to another, since they are all so close! Like any Downtown area of a major city, parking is limited; although each location along the stroll offers parking, there will be a cost associated with parking at each spot. You can always utilize the street and garage parking for a flat day/hourly rate.

Learn more about Accommodations for where to stay (and just leave your car!) here. 


I’ve never been to Nashville, and I'm kinda worried about walking around Downtown and finding everything. Help!

LUIS has got you covered - you won’t purchase a ticket and be thrown into the wild, blindly! Here are three ways you will always have guidance: 

  1. LUIS will be in your back pocket. At Registration, you will also have the opportunity to sign up for same-day text messaging. The service will expire at the end of the show and no SPAM/sales texts will be sent. These texts are from LUIS with info on opening and closing hours per venue, reminders for the Speaker Series: Meet & Greet activations and Fashion Showcase start times, etc. complete with addresses for each location that you can click on to open your maps app. You can also reply to LUIS with questions once you’ve signed up! 

  2. Once you opt-in to same day text messaging At Registration, you'll receive an Official Map, Stroll Route and Itinerary for the day (email links). The map may seem archaic, but you can use it to see how far each location is from one another (bathroom break anyone?)!

  3. There are Off-Duty Officers sprinkled throughout the route, dressed in With Love, LUIS gear. Part of their duty is to act as a Concierge, directing you where to go and answering any stroll questions you may have along the way. If you see them as you’re approaching a venue, you’re walking in the right direction!


You will receive email communication prior to the show outlining routes and fun things to do on your walk from place-to-place. Instead of worrying, get excited! For a ton of more details on how the stroll works and the stroll process, click the Info link here!


Am I really walking from location to location?

Yep. Make sure to have a hearty breakfast, drink water and wear your walking boots! Part of the fun is exploring the different neighborhoods in Music City. Optional transportation will be provided to and from some stroll locations - you'll get all the details at Registration. 


If you select Nashville as your wedding city, the routes you are walking through are likely the ones your guests will be experiencing too. Take a moment to check out the restaurants, spas, shopping and family-friendly activities at your disposal (and at the disposal of your wedding guests) for the wedding weekend. For more info on the stroll itself, click the Info link here!


I totally get With Love, LUIS is a bridal stroll and I will be walking from location to location, but is it handicapped accessible?

Yes. All venues along the stroll are handicapped accessible. Getting from location to location takes place outside, on the sidewalk, in Downtown Nashville.


I’m worried about the pandemic and unsure if I feel comfortable attending a bridal show with many guests. How will I be safe during the bridal stroll?

Rest assured, LUIS understands this concern and does not take it lightly. Due to the current landscape, Off-Duty Officers will be present at each stroll location, enforcing any COVID mandates and ensuring venues are compliant to any measures necessary. Temperature checks will be taken at Registration and hand sanitizing stations will be provided via stroll venues the entirety of the event. 

Unlike other bridal shows, you are not stuck in one room the entire time; you have flexibility as to when you will visit twelve different venues at your leisure. Think of it as if you were a celebrity attending twelve separate events instead of one, and planning your day accordingly. The Speaker Series: Meet & Greets and Fashion Showcase slots are all audience capped, and will follow socially-distant protocols. With so many different things to do and flexibility to be at many locations, you have the autonomy to attend what you want, when you want, at your own comfort level. Walking to and from venues in the outdoors will also allow you to have plenty of distance from others.

We encourage all guests to maintain a safe distance from each other, wash hands often and wear both a mask and your All Access Pass at all times. 


What happens if it rains... on second thought, what should I wear?

With Love, LUIS is a rain or shine event, so check the weather beforehand and dress accordingly. We advise you to wear breathable clothing and comfortable shoes since you'll be walking from venue-to-venue. For the month of June in Nashville, the average high temp is in the mid-80's and the average low, in the mid-60's (Fahrenheit). If it does rain, the venues are so close to each other, you won’t even notice. And remember, rain on your Big Day is good luck, so it’ll be good luck for the bridal stroll too :)

#ProTip: Each guest will receive a Swag Bag - you can bring a mini umbrella and carry it in there, just in case. Also, if you have a fitness tracker or activity band, make sure to have it charged and ready to go. Participating in the stroll will help you get your 10k steps in for the day!

Is WiFi available?

Of course! There isn't a universal With Love, LUIS  WiFi since you'll be walking from place to place and the event is sprawled across many areas, but you can always log in to what's available at each stroll location and anything that pops up along the way!

Is there really that much to do? 9am-5pm seems really long for a bridal show. 

The main difference here is that With Love, LUIS  is much more than a bridal show. As Nashville’s first bridal stroll each attendee will be able to experience twelve different venues, with immersive experiences at each. LUIS wanted to give each attendee enough time to visit each venue, meet with Exhibitors and participate in the various experiences at your own leisure. There is plenty of time to grab breakfast or lunch, do some quick shopping, and take your time listening to the bands at the Band Lineup. You can also RSVP to the Fashion Showcase or attend four different activations via LUIS'  Speaker Series: Meet & Greets.


You are in charge of how much or how little you want to participate that day, ultimately giving you complete control and flexibility in planning what you and your guests would like to do during the stroll. If there’s a line at one stroll location and you don’t want to wait in it, no worries! Head to another location, grab a bite, or do some shopping and then head back. With Love, LUIS does not force you to stay stuck at one venue/location for the entirety of the show. But don't say you weren't warned - each stroll location offers something totally different in the With Love, LUIS experience, so if you skip a location you'll be missing out on some of the surprises LUIS is preparing for you!


Check out some of the immersive experiences at your fingertips, starting with the Speaker Series: Meet & Greet activations, here. Learn more about how the stroll works and the stroll process, at the Info link here!


The Info page and Eventbrite page mention that the SE will be represented at With Love, LUIS. I’m not sure I want to get married in Nashville, but would like to meet vendors from other cities. How does that work?

Consider Nashville the host city for the event, not the only city Exhibitors represent. Cities from across the SE will be represented at the bridal stroll, giving you the opportunity to meet with a plethora of Exhibitors from other places and learn about their service offerings as well. The ability to shop around for various wedding cities at one event, makes With Love, LUIS the most comprehensive show to attend for couples that are trying to find the right place that is convenient for their families and guests, and will also fit their vision.  


Here are a few reasons why LUIS chose Nashville as the bridal stroll host city:

Attendee Access

  • Over 40% of the U.S. population lives within 600 miles of Nashville

  • One of only six cities where three major interstates converge, making it convenient to drive to

  • Nashville Int’l Airport (BNA) is the 4th fastest growing airport among the top 50 airports in North America, and there are 540 total daily flights to 75 nonstop destinations, giving guests flight flexibility 

  • 75% of the U.S. market is within a 2-hr flight - it’s close to all who live in the SE!



  • In the past 5 years, Nashville demand (hotel rooms sold) has grown faster than any other top 30 U.S. city, making this the perfect city to conduct a stroll. With so many hotels in the Downtown area, there are many options just a hop, skip and jump from each other and offer so many options for any event

  • Southern Living: “The Best Trips To Take With Your Girlfriends in 2020”

  • Conde Nast Traveler: “20 Best Places to Go in 2020”

  • Forbes: “The Top 20 Destinations for 2020”

  • The Telegraph (UK): "The World's Greatest Cities for Music Lovers"

  • Travel & Leisure: "50 Best Places to Travel in 2021"

  • The Independent (UK): "Five of the Best U.S. Destinations to Visit in 2021"


I'm excited for all the fun! Who is participating in With Love, LUIS

The top Exhibitors in the SE will showcase their services and products at the bridal stroll. That being said, there are also a ton of national brands that will be present who embrace the With Love, LUIS philosophy: a bridal show should not be limited to the wedding day itself, but should encompass the journey from newly engaged to newlywed, focusing on all of the celebrations in between and milestones to come. 


LUIS calls this group of friends the “Bridal Adjacent” Exhibitors. These pals can help with getting that extra special outfit for your bachelor/ette party, assist in planning your honeymoon, advise on financial planning, help you set health and fitness goals (and the outfit to match!) or be available to you and your beau when you start thinking about long term goals (like planning for a mini-me or buying a car). Planning the wedding day actually sheds light on many decisions you and your partner may not have stumbled upon just yet. Again, LUIS thinks about the journey, not just the Big Day. Check out the superstars bringing the event to life, here!


What are “LUIS’ Premium Perks” and when do I receive them?

Great questions! LUIS’ Premium Perks is a collection of discounted rates, promotional offers and sweet deals that only guests of With Love, LUIS have access to. The Accommodations portion of the guide is shared on the website, but the rest of the Perks are sent via email. Check your inbox a week before the event (obvs after ticket purchase) to get the scoop on dining and shopping deals, opportunities to make private appointments with top Exhibitors after the stroll, private hotel tours, and more. To be clear, this is NOT a coupon book- it's better! LUIS has hand-selected and curated each offering to ensure exclusivity, quality, and a white glove experience. 


Can I buy tickets on-site? What if I miss the Registration window?

Tickets for With Love, LUIS are limited. If availability remains, tickets can be purchased at registration from 8am - 10:00am. Registration is located at AllSaints off of Printers Alley (208 Printer’s Alley, Nashville, TN 37219). Please remember that With Love, LUIS is cashless. 


If you make new friends along the stroll that want to join you and Registration is closed, just find a With Love, LUIS staff representative and they will help you out! The rep at each location can issue tickets and Swag Bags there, so you can continue on your journey. If you are late to Registration, send an email to Cheers@WithLoveLuis.com and LUIS (or someone from our command center) will contact you as soon as possible and meet you along the stroll route. 


What happens if I lose my All Access Pass?

Don’t lose it! Keep it on at all times. If you do lose it, you will need to head to any location along the stroll (while they are open) and speak with a With Love, LUIS staff representative to purchase another for $30 USD. The All Access Pass is the only indication our partners, staff and Off-Duty Officers have in order to identify you are an attendee of the bridal stroll, so it is essential! If you keep track of your emails, you will know which location is open and when. Alternatively, you can send us an email during bridal stroll times from 9am-5pm/CST, at Cheers@WithLoveLuis.com

or text LUIS directly for more info via the text message communication you opted in-to at Registration. 


I lost something. Is there a Lost and Found?

Oh no! Since the bridal stroll spans across so many separate locations, each individual venue will collect any and all lost items. There is not one direct place where all items will be stored, so make sure to keep all of your belongings together and with you at all times. LUIS wants you to have a great time and explore the city, not be on the phone all weekend making calls to each stroll location trying to track down your belongings!


Some of the hotels under "Accommodations" offer complimentary tickets. How do I redeem those? I’m unsure if I should buy tickets or not!

No worries! Although there is a "no refund" policy on tickets sold, if you book Accommodations through our partners and it is listed as part of LUIS’ Premium Perks, LUIS will happily work with you to refund any previously purchased tickets (2-4 tickets per room booked, if listed and dependent on hotel partner). 


Top recommendation? Since the bridal stroll tickets are limited, purchase your tickets first if you’re unsure of which hotel to book and then, once you’ve made reservations utilizing the links on the Accommodations page, send an email to LetsChat@WithLoveLuis.com with your hotel confirmation number to get your show tickets refunded. The other recommendation is to book your hotel as soon as possible. We will periodically contact the hotel partners on how many comp tickets are needed based on reservations booked through their link on our Accommodations page!


I live in Nashville and do not want to attend the full show, I just want to go to one of the Speaker Series: Meet & Greet activations. Can I attend ?

If you purchase a ticket to With Love, LUIS, yes. If not - sorry! Access to Speaker Series: Meet & Greet activations (and our exclusive Fashion Showcase) are part of the ticketed experience. 


I’m sad I cannot attend the bridal stroll, but would love to follow along. Will you host the show live or virtually as well?

Yes, but not in the way you would think. LUIS believes in doing things in an innovative way, and following a host around from 9am-5pm/CST seems like a big ask. Would you really sit in front of your computer for 8 hours? Didn’t think so. 


Instead, there will be Instagram Takeovers in various time slots for the entirety of the event. They’ll cover certain Official Stroll Locations in each slot, take amazing photos and tag Exhibitors (so you can save them on IG and reach out later), interview a handful of Exhibitors and offer a fresh take on virtual participation. This gives you the opportunity to tune in at your leisure with new posts capturing the event throughout the day. 


It will never be the same as actually attending and experiencing the bridal stroll, the neighborhoods and Music City, meeting Exhibitors face-to-face, taking advantage of LUIS’ Premium Perks, having access to the speakers, moderators, and hosts, seeing the Fashion Showcase in real time, salivating over the food and Swag Bag, or seeing the venues and shopping at LUIS’ Marketplace, etc. BUT it’s a helluva lot better than sitting in front of your computer and listening to the same person’s voice for eight hours straight on a Saturday. 

Click here to follow With Love, LUIS and join the fun, or better yet, bookmark the ticketing page in case you change your mind and want to join the fun IRL!