Who can come to With Love, LUIS - STL?

EV-ERY-ONE! Bring your friends, your parents, in laws, and especially your lifetime partner-to-be. Some guests are even planning their bachelor/ette party to coincide with the events to make a fun weekend out of it! Whatever the occasion, every With Love, LUIS event is a discrimination free zone. We welcome every kind of couple from every background, and are working to make sure there is a balanced mix of Exhibitors for all needs that reflects the same kind of philosophy. 


Can I bring the kiddos?

The short answer is yes, but keep in mind that there will be alcohol available at the event, effectively placing attendees under the age of 21 in that kind of environment. Make sure to keep your ID ready for those opportunities. 

Children over the age of 10 will need to have a ticket purchased for them in order to receive an All Access Pass to access the locations. Legal guardians will be responsible for the actions of their entire party (regardless of age) and those under 18 will need to stay with their guardians at all times. Off-Duty Officers assigned to each location, along with the full With Love, LUIS production team will be keeping a mindful eye to all attendees and their behavior. 


I have a furr baby. Can they come too?

Absolutely! However, pets will need to stay in your room or outside of every venue, unless they are service animals with the proper paperwork. While hotels may be pet-friendly for hotel guests, the attendees coming in and out of the event locations may not share the same feeling. 


I'm sold! How do I purchase tickets?

Just click on this link! Your ticket purchase gives you access to everything - including all the immersive experiences you’ll find at every event location, over the course of the two days that make up the ultimate wedding planning weekend.

How far is St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) from Downtown? 

OMG, so close. On average, it’s a quick 15-20 minutes away on Uber or Lyft. In fact, you can also bypass a car ride and hop on the MetroLink. Take it to a nearby stop in Downtown (depending on your hotel location). Best part? On average, it’s a quick 30-minute ride!


I’m super excited to attend, and want to confirm: is this event handicapped accessible?

Yes, of course! All locations and immersive experiences throughout your ultimate wedding planning weekend are handicapped accessible for all to enjoy.


With COVID-19 very much a part of the “new normal,” I’m a little worried about attending events in general. What measures are being taken in order for me to feel comfortable at With Love, LUIS - STL?

LUIS totally understands where you’re coming from. Just like the very first With Love, LUIS in Nashville, Off-Duty Officers will be present at each event location, enforcing any COVID mandates and ensuring venues are compliant, to keep everyone safe. 


Rest assured, this is part of the reason that With Love, LUIS - STL takes place at more than one location. Unlike other bridal shows, you’re not stuck in one room the entire time; you have flexibility to explore multiple venues across two days, at your leisure. We encourage all guests to maintain a safe distance from each other, wash hands often, and wear both a mask and your All Access Pass at all times. 

Is WiFi available?

Of course! There isn't a specific With Love, LUIS WiFi option since the event takes place over two days and multiple locations, but you can always log in to what's available at each place!

I’m curious… After debuting in Music City, why is St. Louis With Love, LUIS’ next stop??

We’ve been asked this many times! St. Louis is rich in history and chock full of reasons to tie the knot. Head over to LUIS' Fall In Love With STL page for more information on why The Gateway to the West is a brilliant location on where to say “I Do!”


I'm excited for all the fun! Who is participating in With Love, LUIS 

Exhibitors both near and far! The top Exhibitors in the region and a handful from places representing international zip codes will showcase their services and products. It’s an opportunity for them to meet and inspire amazing couples like you, and for you to get a little taste of what they can do and how they can be of help for your wedding journey. 


That being said, there are also a lot of national brands that will be present who embrace the With Love, LUIS philosophy: a bridal show should not be limited to the wedding day itself, but should encompass the journey from newly engaged to newlywed, focusing on all of the celebrations in between and milestones to come. 


LUIS calls this group of friends the “Bridal Adjacent” Exhibitors. These pals can help with anything from getting that extra special outfit for your bachelor/ette party, to assisting in planning your mini-moon and honeymoon. Planning the wedding day actually sheds light on many decisions you and your partner may not have stumbled upon just yet. Again, LUIS thinks about the journey, not just the Big Day.

I'm ready to go now! How does it all work and where do I begin?

In LUIS fashion, the event commences on Saturday, at a surprising location for Registration... BONOBOS at Maryland Plaza (52 Maryland Plaza, St. Louis, MO, 63108)! You'll be able to pick up your All Access Pass and Swag Bag there, get fitted for a suit, clothes for Rehearsal Dinner, honeymoon attire and more, do a little shopping in the area and grab a bite to eat! Let LUIS' Premium Perks guide you through the stores and restaurants in the area :) In Nashville, the event started at ALLSAINTS, in STL it begins with only the best as well. BONOBOS is a one-stop shop for all of your men's fashion needs for the wedding planning journey.

For the rest of Saturday and Sunday, stay tuned! We'll publish info on each day periodically on the website and announce on social. Don't worry - you'll have an Official Itinerary you can access right before the event, just like the one provided for the With Love, LUIS - Nash (Nashville, TN) event that took place last year. 

What happens if I lose my All Access Pass?

Don’t lose it! Keep it on at all times. If you lose it, you will need to speak with a With Love, LUIS staff representative to purchase another for $30 USD. All With Love, LUIS  staff will be wearing a LUIS button on their shirt.


The All Access Pass is the only indication our partners, staff and Off-Duty Officers have in order to identify you as an attendee of the event, so it is essential! Alternatively, you can send us an email at LetsChat@PartyWithRusselyn.com or DM (direct message) LUIS on Instagram (@withlove_LUIS) for next steps. 


I lost something. Is there a Lost and Found?

Oh no! Since the event spans across two days at more than one spot, each individual location will collect any and all lost items. There is not one central place where “found” items will be collected and stored, so make sure to keep all of your belongings with you at all times. LUIS wants you to have a great time and explore the city, not be on the phone all weekend making calls to track down your stuff!


What happens if it rains... on second thought, what should I wear?

With Love, LUIS is a rain or shine event (there is a “no refund” policy on tickets sold/purchased), so check the weather beforehand and dress accordingly. For the month of March in St. Louis, the average high temp is in the low-60's and the average low, in the mid-40's (Fahrenheit). If you’re taking advantage of seeing the sights, keep the weather in mind when picking an outfit for The ‘Gram :)


Have a question that didn’t make the list? Feel free to reach out here. In the meantime, keep up to date with all things With Love, LUIS - STL on IG!