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Curated Property Tours

With so much planning to do, overnight accommodations typically end up on the bottom of the never ending Wedding To-Do list. Scheduling appointments for potential venues is already daunting; taking more time to look at room selection + amenities at each property is just plain ol' overwhelming. And let's be honest - after seeing a handful of rooms, they tend to start looking alike! It's easier to just offer a room block with whatever is available onsite.

However, for your (out of town) wedding guests, it makes a HUGE difference and inevitably becomes a part of their memory of your wedding. If you haven't thought about room blocks yet, or your dream venue doesn't offer overnight accommodations, LUIS has a solution for you!


Select hotels participating as Official Stroll Locations will offer structured property tours during the bridal stroll and LUIS and his team of stylists are staging the rooms to bring them to life! Each staged room will have special touches reflective of a theme.


This time, you'll remember which hotel had the best room for your brother and his kids, spacious options for your parents, and maybe even where you and your betrothed want to stay your first night as newlyweds. You'll also tour the amenities: rooftop bars, pools (and pool tables!), restaurants, gym that includes a Peloton bike for your über athletic first cousin, divine selfie wall for the too-cool-for-school niece, etc. 

Times, participating locations, and room "themes" will be included in the Official Stroll Itinerary, and available via same-day text messaging the day of the event.